About the Jasper Group

We are a team of Stanford technologists who specialize in the Drupal CMS. The mission of the Jasper Group is to provide services to underserved departments and units of the university, to share what we know and help groups get started with content management.

The Team

Photo of John Bickar
John Bickar

Web Developer, Stanford Web Services

Photo of Zach Chandler
Zach Chandler

Web Strategist, University Communications

Photo of Vijoy Abraham
Vijoy Abraham

Academic Computing, SULAIR; Academic Technology Specialist with the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences

Our Services

We work with clients on campus that are contemplating Drupal projects to arm them with information, help them craft a coherent project management (PM) strategy, and to help them find the best qualified vendor that matches their need and budget. We will help units on campus that plan to outsource Drupal projects at 3 main junctures:

  1. Project planning - specialized PM instruments and help clients draft documents: spec sheet, wireframes, and RFP that lead to successful contracts
  2. Proposal review- targeted review of vendor proposals, helping clients to interpret the proposal, balance features, timeline, and budget
  3. Completion - satisfaction survey. We want to know how our referrals work out. Did they come in under budget and on schedule? This will help us make more informed recommendations in the future.

Why We Think This Is Important

It is challenging for entities on campus (departments, programs, centers, etc.) without their own staff-technologist to interact with vendors providing web development services. This is especially true for complex applications like Drupal that can require a fair amount of technical expertise. We want to leverage our collective expertise to help others:

  1. Negotiate contracts
  2. Articulate a valid rationale for choosing any bid other than the least expensive
  3. Make the right choice that suits their needs